Spring cleaning roof difficult to clean? Use this telescopic duster, 5 minutes for a new home


The weather is getting colder and colder. The windows are closed for most of the time. But even so, the dust in the house is also too much to clean.

The floor, the table is okay, the top of the cabinet, the ceiling is too high, it really can’t be reached, ah! The crevices of the dead-end hygiene are also very difficult to clean, every time it’s hard to save time not to do the cleaning, and over time takes a lot of dust pile.

But winter is prone to illness, inhaling too much dust on is not good for the respiratory tract, especially the if family has elderly people and children, every two days a cleaning is essential. Today we recommend a cleaning tool, retractable duster! Corner, roof easy to sweep, make housework much easier!

Superb vacuuming ability!
Cleaning ceilings without climbing ladders, cleaning closets without effort, cleaning corners without difficulty. This duster not only works beautifully, but also looks "decent". It is also "decent" looking, with a minimalist Japanese design. It has completely overturned the image of the traditional cleaning tools!


Electrostatic adsorption does not raise dust, nano process cleaner
Usually when cleaning, the biggest problem is caused by dust. On the floor, on the table, everywhere it’s dust. Compared with the traditional chicken feather duster, this duster through the principle of electrostatic adsorption wipes over the surface of the object when the dust gets adsorbed, so that the dust does not rise into the air. Avoid dust into the air.


Specially coated nano-fiber process
It absorbs more dust than traditional dusting dusters. The fine soft pile will not harm the surface of porcelain and other objects when dusting.


It can be bent to clean dead corners, sweep the air conditioner/bookcase/sofa bottom, every time you have to climb high and low for cleaning, this duster can be free to expand its length for various cleaning purposes.

Post time: Jan-21-2022

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