You don’t know the little knowledge about the mop

The mop is one of the appliances where the most dirt resides, and if not cleaned with care, it can become a breeding ground for some microorganisms and disease-causing bacteria.

When the Mop is in use, it will most likely contact the organic components of the ground, these components will be used by fungi and bacteria, when they are in a long-term wet environment, mold, fungus, candida and dust mites and other microorganisms and bacteria will grow rapidly. When it is used again afterwards, it will not only fail to clean the floor, but can also cause bacteria to spread and cause diseases such as respiratory, intestinal and allergic dermatitis.

Whether the texture of the mop head is cotton, cotton thread, or rubber cotton, microfiber, etc., as long as it’s not thoroughly cleaned and dried, it’s prone to breeding harmful substances. So, the first principle of choosing a mop is that it has to be easy to clean and dry.

The mop is used daily in the family and does not advocate frequent disinfection. The use of disinfectant solution for disinfection makes it easy to cause unnecessary environmental pollution. And in a way similar to the potassium permanganate solution disinfectant, it has a color, and has to be soaked after cleaning it with water. It is recommended that after each use of the mop, wash carefully with water, put on gloves, wring out the mop, then spread the head and air dry. If you have the proper conditions at home, it is best to put it into a ventilated and well-lit place, and make a full use of the sun's ultraviolet light for physical sterilization. If there is no balcony or inconvenient drying, if it’s not dry, it is also best to first move it to a dry and ventilated house, and then put it back into the bathroom after drying.


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Post time: Jan-21-2022

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