Mop purchase method and maintenance tips


The mop should be derived from the wipe. When there is a stain on the ground that needs to be cleaned, people are afraid that they just want to sweep it clean, they not necessarily want to wipe it clean. With the progress of productivity, the change of living environment, the ground to be cleaned also from the mud to clean wood, slate, this is when the need to scrub arises. Scrubbing the ground should be with the earliest rag. Although scrubbing makes the ground clean, the operator's first problem also comes; she’s too tired. The problem is a source of inspiration, someone then installs a long handle on the rag, oh, and it makes a whole world of difference. The name of the image: "mop". The mop came into the world. "walk upright" has been achieved.

Next, let me introduce you to the daily cleaning of the mop alongside the purchase method and the maintenance tips. ~

Selection method
1. The rod handle is easy to hold and not easy to fall off during the rotation.
2. Mop cloth absorbency is good.
3. Mop material does not fall off the chip.
4. Mop cloth easy to wring out, the water does not consume energy.
5. Mop cloth easy to remove; dirty cleaning does not stick to dirt.
6. Different needs to choose different functions, for example: furniture under the gap is small, you can choose the flat mop (mop cloth can be removed to clear, such as dust tray).
7. Home space storage is small: when the space area is small, choose a composite mop with a mopping function.

Maintenance tips
1. After use it must be really scrubbed clean and wrung out and placed in the ventilation, to avoid odor and odor.
2. The mop has a bad smell when you use diluted bleach to clean the mop.
3 The mop has sticky hair when you can use a brush to help remove it, or wait for the dry and then use tape to stick the hair back.
4. The material is fine fabric mop, it’s less suitable for use in heavy grease stains, it’s not economical and is easy to wear out .
5. In order to keep the home clean and hygienic, the mop head is recommended to be replaced every two to three months.
6. With the use of cleaning agents, the amount should not be too big; otherwise, it is easy to residue, and will affect the service life of the mop.

Post time: Jan-21-2022

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