Flexible Handle Microfiber Home Floor Cleaning Flat Mop

Short Description:

  • Model NO: YJ-2019FM
  • MOP Plate: PP material,39*9cm,117g
  • MOP Refill: 100% polyester chenille OR microfiber, 41*12.5cm
  • Customizable: Product's color, handle length, refill's weight and material, packing way
  • MOQ: 2000pcs
  • Usual Packing: 1pc/Tag(pp pag,Color card),24pcs/carton 
  • Carton size: 129.5*27*18CM
  • Product Detail

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    Product Parameter

    Total58- 140cm, flexible part made by nylon, length 38cm; other part material Iron powdered coating steel and PP with specification: the telescopic pole is Φ22/25 mm, 58-100CM or assembly pole which could choose the length.
    New Magic flexible design which could be satisfied with different cleaning purposes. it did a great job of getting underneath the furniture to dust/mop


    Product Size


    Product Advantage

    Flex Pole


    Flexible rod, can bend greatly and easy to reach any corners, and can move freely under any kinds of furniture, Cleaning the dust and garbage under the bed, sofa and shoe cabinet without bending your body.

    Wide Application Range


    Applicable to all floors, ceramic tiles, finished wood, laminated, and marble floors. This mop is also a good choice in shopping malls, supermarkets, and schools. Oh, it has a wide range of applications

    Product Details

    Pole telescopic

    The mop can be extended and retracted freely when cleaning, which can be said to be very convenient


    Folding panel

    The foldable mop head is convenient for replacing the mop pad. As long as you step on it gently, the panel can be folded, and the cloth cover can be replaced if the cloth cover falls off

    Microfiber refill

    Our liner is designed with high-quality microfiber, which can attract dust and dirt by electrostatic force without any scratch on the surface
    Our microfiber pads are washable and reusable. Just run in the washing machine to clean
    Just spray water or your favorite cleaning solution on the mop pad to clean any hard surface


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