Flat Mop Hand Wash Free Household Lazy Floor Mop

Short Description:

  • Model NO: YJ-WGM2201
  • Specifications: PLATE: 37*15CM
  • Specifications: POLE: 73-130CM
  • Specifications: PP+STEEL POLE
  • Customizable: COLOR PACKAING WAY
  • MOQ: 3000SET
  • Product Detail

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    Imitation hand wring and hand washing free flat mop makes it easy to mop the floor and dehydrate quickly and thoroughly


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    Product Advantage


    Imitation hand squeeze drainage, instant squeeze dry water stains. Artificial wringing design is adopted, dehydration is more thorough than scraping and suction, so as to keep the mop dry and prevent peculiar smell


    Dry and wet, no water stains. Dry and wet mop the floor and dry it. The floor tiles are anti-skid, fall proof and leave no footprints


    The thickened mop is newly upgraded, with multi-layer water absorption layer, strong water absorption and no trace A good mop can make your floor cleaner Superfine fiber cloth is used to absorb hair, debris and dust


    37cm large flat plate, drag fast, upgrade and increase the plate head, which is more labor-saving and easy


    A nightmare of dust The floor at home hasn't been cleaned up for a long time. There's no need to worry. With it, it's easy to get rid of the cumbersome cleaning.


    Silicone edging design, not easy to tear, can effectively prevent bumping home.


    The X-shaped mop head design makes it easier for the mop to clean around the furniture support feet without moving the furniture, which is easy and labor-saving.


    When folded, it is only 7cm deep into the bottom of the furniture, and there is no place to hide the dirt. Thoroughly clean the gap without pressure.


    360 ° rotation without dead angle cleaning Flexible rotation, seamless fit, easy to wipe all kinds of ground.


    The gap and corner are flexible and deep The guest rotates into the gap and the family cleaning is in place in one step.

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