Chenille Mop Pads Refills Replacements

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  • Model NO: YJ-01
  • Specifications: Size 44.5*14cm, Weight 100±10g
  • Customizable: Choose one color randomly
  • MOQ: 3000PCS
  • Usual Packing: 50pcs/carton
  • Carton size: 46*35*37.5cm
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    Each one is made from a revolutionary material, comprised of wedge-shaped polyester filaments and a core of nylon. This unique fabric is what makes them clean so well. They are made of both oil-attracting and water-attracting polymers, and the extremely small fibers are woven into masses of tiny hooks & loops. The wedge-shaped edges of these millions of hooks & loops cut through dried-in stains, attracting and absorbing dirt and microparticles. They lift the dirt off the floor and then store it within the fibers of the mop pad. This results in quick and easy mopping for you. Each fiber is one hundred times thinner than a human hair, and woven into masses, resulting in tens of thousands of strands in every square inch of fabric.


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    They are not treated with any chemicals, and you don't have to add any when you clean your floors. The material is so good, that all you need is water to clean 98-99% of all dirt, dust, hair, and germs from any hard surface. The green material will spread out to gently skim the floor to lift and lock in grime. This eliminates the need for harmful cleansers and toxic chemicals. The capillary effect between the filaments and nylon core creates a high absorbency, which in turn enables our pads to clean and polish at the same time. Only water is needed as a detergent to clean any type of surface.



    Scratch up your hardwood floors, vinyl, or ceramic tile, making it perfect to use in every room in your house. Thick, high-quality microfiber is formed into long, fuzzy fingers. Hundreds of these protrusions combine to cover the entire face and provide a durable and high-powered surface for cleaning.



    Efficient in collecting dust, water, stain, hair, dirt when it is dry which makes your cleaning easier. It is highly absorbent, has increased surface area, and can clean floors thoroughly during the wet. Also, the pads are reusable and machine washable, easy to clean itself.

    Product Care

    To keep your replacement pads in great shape, wash them after every use in a machine-safe mesh bag to catch fiber and debris, then air dry completely before next use.

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