How to use the glass scraper, Yujie teach you small tricks


Glass hand scraper, also known as glass single-sided wipe, is one of the common cleaning supplies indispensable for cleaning the surface of the glass and glass rotary table It is composed of two parts: a wiper frame and a rubber strip. The rubber strip is fixed by the spring card in the stainless steel wiper scraping plane. Glass scraper length varies, generally 45cm is the most common, the rubber strip made by natural vulcanized rubber, it has a smooth surface, soft and tough In the process of usage if you find a notch and cracks, please replace in time, otherwise it will affect the use of the effect.

How to use the glass scraper, the specific methods are as follows.
1. Before use, please check if the rubber scraper scraping surface of the glass scraper is flat, and if the rubber strip has no notches or cracks.
2. The use of the process of scraping down the dirty water, dirt with a towel to wipe it away, do not let a dripping, splashing situation occur.
3. Scraping process using a knife to continuously scrape, or a knife for scraping away respectively.
4. Scraping should be done with a knife. Try not to leave a mark, otherwise it will affect the cleaning outcome.
5. Glass scraper after use, you need to promptly open the spring buckle, the scraper and rubber strip has to be clean and dry for use, remember not to expose it to the sun for too long, so as not for the rubber scraper to age and to not shorten the life of the glass scraper.

In addition, do not rush to put the screen back on unless you have completed the following window cleaning.
Cleaning the screens is also a critical step, if you do not clean the window screens, dust, dirt and cobwebs will make your freshly-cleaned windows dirty even faster.

Post time: Jan-21-2022

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